Markham Clinton Community Project

We are a local group who have set up a community project based in All Saints Church at West Markham. Our aim is to bring together the community of West Markham, Milton and Bevercotes and surrounding areas, by providing activities and support to an ageing and often lonely population. We are also trying to engage younger members to participate through Art and Crafts classes, pie and pea suppers, quiz nights, music nights, keep fit and cuppa and cake mornings. We have a dedicated committee.

Special thanks to:

  • Maloney’s Butchers
  • Kerry Mainprize
  • Claudia Vickers Renew U Keep Fit
  • John Lambert Quizmaster
  • Derrick Spence Arts and Crafts

Vikki Hayton Chair

Well done with all the hard work you put in to make a difference for a lot of elderly
and lonely people; that is what you call being Christian.


All Saints Church has been an integral part of West Markham life (in fact in essence
it’s been the only part of community life in village)
As someone who professionally works closely with the older and invariably
vulnerable section of society, I believe the church is essential for the local elderly
demographic in the community.


We have very much enjoyed your recent events over the past few months and you
have all made us feel part of the community. I always believed the church’s objective
was to build communities; it’s lovely to see it in action.


This Community Project is in its infancy and is making substantial headway in
increasing the numbers of people visiting and using the space in the church. This
can only be good for the village, the community as a whole and the church.


MCCP at All Saints, West Markham is a valuable meeting place, used for a variety of functions by many local people.

I have been involved in fundraising events there myself. It is a vital meeting place for many people, of all ages, possibly one of the few locally that they are able to access.

So many people are able to use the building to enrich the lives of those in and around the local area.


Upcoming Events


Music brings us together in West Markham

Beautiful church service at All Saints Church West Markham last Sunday. So lovely to see the Church full!

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